Monthly Updates

For business owners that don't want to add "maintaining the website" to their todo list.

This by far is the most popular option. It includes 8 credit hours of design & development work every month.

Anything you request - new web pages, new features, email campaigns, automations, etc. - can be executed. If you update policies and practices within your business, your website flow should reflect that. Keep your website up to date and working most effectively for your business, 24/7.

The ultimate objective is to streamline how you run your business and automate every repeatable process so you can make more money and lower your costs. Automated client reminders, inventory sync between in-store & online, and employee commission tracking are just a few of the ways business owners like you maximize their website every month. Automation saves tremendous time and money, and virtually eliminates human-error, setting you up to open new locations, train new employees quickly, or retire comfortably with passive income. The possibilities are endless!

As they’re used, credit hours are deducted from your account. Unused credits roll over month to month so money is never wasted. You'll always be able to submit requests or check your balance directly from your portal. ​You may cancel at anytime, quickly and easily straight from your account.